Toot toot, chugga chugga, big red car

When it comes to my nephews, I’m a softee. They ask me to jump and the natural response is, “how high and did you want to see that done while I sing?” So when Aidan asked for The Wiggles as his birthday theme, it meant the race was on to find any type of paraphernalia related to these four dancing and singing men. A Wiggles party would mean a Wiggles cake. But there were no Wiggles cake toppers to be found.

Wiggles Big Red Car cake


So I did a bit of improvising. I used an actual toy as the main part of the cake. Hey, it’s rather practical – you get a cake and then you get to play with it after the sweets are gone. In this case, Aidan skipped sweets and swimming, instead clutching to his big red car all afternoon. Despite losing a few bids on eBay for the car, I was able to finally win one!

The cake looked really homemade. I’m quite far from being a professional baker/decorator, so the cake ended up being a double layer 9×9 square chocolate cake frosted with basic vanilla buttercream (a recipe from Billy’s Bakery in NYC). The birthday boy’s age and name was spelled out using decorated sugar cookies.

Wiggles Big Red Car Toy

In addition to the cake, we also had a dessert bar, but amidst the chaos and commotion yesterday, I failed to get a picture of the entire bar. I’ll get my hands on a few shots and will post about it soon.


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