Dynamite Dynamo Donuts

If we’re just hanging out at home on a weekend morning, Jason and I often head up to our favorite San Francisco breakfast spots: Tartine or Four Barrel Coffee. Sometimes, we don’t plan ahead too well and the line at Tartine is way too long. You see, there is a wait to hunger equation that we must weigh.

Dynamo Donuts maple glazed apple bacon


Last weekend, we did not plan ahead too well, so we ended up picking up something quick at Four Barrel. Jason of course had his hand poured drip coffee along with a 20 minute conversation with the barista. The great thing about getting coffee here (besides solid beans) is that they also serve donuts from Dynamo Donuts.

Dynamo Donut passion frut and milk chocolate

I don’t know who’s been making them lately, but they were ON! Always flavorful, but this time, the dough was just perfect. Light, airy, not too eggy … just perfect. Jason had a maple glazed apple bacon donut while I had a passion fruit milk chocolate one. But these are not all the flavors available, see all the varieties here. So good. Craving another one.


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