Another reason why Patagonia rocks

I’ve been a longtime fan of Patagonia. Not only because they make great products, but because of their relentless support for the environment. From my first long sleeve capilene shirt that doubles as my favorite running shirt to my trusty R4 jacket that comes with me on every summit bid, these products have proven to be durable and reliable under all different conditions. So when it was time to look for a weekend bag, we went down to the local Patagonia store to find something cool.

I found this neat soft-sided suitcase, the Patagonia MLC Maximum Legal Carry-On, made with recycled fabric. It converts to a backpack, holds three-to-five days’ worth of clothing.

Although I love all the pockets, the one thing I liked the best was this simple change they made to the shoulder strap. A slit in the unassuming shoulder strap lets you pass through a handle on the bag so that the shoulder strap doesn’t drag on the floor! Genius I say.

This bag was also highlighted in Backpacker Magazine’s gear review, which after reading it, makes me want to go somewhere and do something this weekend!


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