Coconut water taste off

I’m a big fan of blind tastings – from wine to root beer and gummy bears – I believe they are a good way of finding out what you really like. This week, I held a coconut water blind tasting at work.


Although not exhaustive of all the choices on the market, we sampled a variety of brands:

My favorite was one I have been consuming for about a year ago. Harmless Harvest 100% raw coconut water. It is the most like cutting the top off a young coconut and sticking a straw in it. The only drawback of Harmless Harvest is that it needs to be refrigerated, which means you can’t stick it in a backpack and go camping for several days without a cold source (like you can with some of the other brands). I had also been drinking Nirvana coconut water for quite some time now, but surprisingly, after tasting the other options, found this one to be too artificially sweet. My other surprise was how much I liked the light taste of Zico and the pleasant, mild aftertaste. Zico would be ideal after a run or bike ride when you don’t want a sugary drink, but would like the electrolytes and fluids.

Harmless Harvest 100% raw organic coconut water


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